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Private Custom Coastal Cruise

Starting at $660 | Half and Full-Day Options | For up to 60 People

Quick Details

Rates (including fees)


Boat Type Half-Day Full-Day Capacity
Blue Boy 31 ft Bertram $660 $990 Up to 6 people (max 8 at an additional cost)
Bandit 34 ft Speedboat $770 $1100 Up to 10 people (max 16 at an additional cost)
Limited Edition 47 ft Buddy Davis $990 $1700 Up to 10 people (max 16 at an additional cost)
Lady Anne 50 ft PowerCat $1300 $1900 up to 12 people (max 40 at an additional cost)
Party Hack 64 ft PowerCat $1200 $2000 up to 16 people (max 100 at an additional cost)


  • Half-Day – 4 hours
  • Full-Day – 8 hours
Starting at:

A Private, Luxury Experience in St. Lucia

Come relax and have some real fun on one of our private charters along St. Lucia’s beautiful coast line! Bring friends, family, or whoever, the choice is yours! You are bound to marvel at the beauty of our western coastline, as we leave Port Castries, to visit history-rich and fascinating Soufriere, passing the charming fishing villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries, with their distinctive Caribbean flavor.

Have your cameras ready for the viewing of a lifetime, our World Heritage Site: the majestic Pitons. Rising proudly from the sapphire blue waters, soaring two thousand feet, apparently to the heavens, our Pitons are a can’t-miss experience in St. Lucia. The sight takes your breath away! If you should so desire, you may take a guided tour of the exotic Botanical Gardens, The Sulphur Springs, The Diamond Water Falls, and the therapeutic Sulphur Baths. There are many excellent restaurants available, guaranteed to suit even the most discerning taste buds. Alternatively, we can organise a picnic lunch for you on board. From Soufriere, a number of breathtaking beaches await you, many with divine areas for snorkelling or just swimming. You create your own adventure with your private and customisable St. Lucia boat charter.

No trip along the coastline could be complete without visiting the most spectacular bay in the Caribbean, Marigot Bay, where the British hid from the French fleet by tying coconut palms to their masts, letting the French sail by, then emerging and attacking from the rear, winning one of the many battles between the French and English, for possession of the “Helen of the West”, our St. Lucia. Marigot boasts a number of waterfront restaurants, where refreshing Caribbean concoctions can be enjoyed near the end of your trip of a lifetime! On our private boat trips in St. Lucia, the boats come with beers, soft drinks, mineral water, light snacks, and snorkelling equipment, free of charge.

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