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Captain Andre
Captain Andre (Cap) is one of our most senior captains, Andre has proven himself over and over to be extremely professional, always ensuring our guests have a safe and enjoyable time on board. Andre is also very much a family man and has a great love for animals being involved in horses, and has his own stable offering tours to the east coast!

Antonius 1
Captain Antonius
Captain Antonius (Biggie) has been with us since 1999 and has gone through the ranks to be one of our main captains and is very experienced. Antonius has always been requested by repeat customers and we are proud to have him as part of the team. Antonius also has a farm that produces the most amazing local fruits and vegetables!
Captain Jason
Captain Jason (Aida) has a personality that all guests enjoy. He started off as a crew member, put in the time and effort, and has become an exceptional captain. He is very keen to share information on our Island and will work extremely hard to make sure every trip out with him will be cherished. Jason has a passion for music and is a very good D.J.
First Mate Cuthbert

First Mate Cuthbert (Rubber) has been with us forever, he has always been a favorite with our clients, and many only want to go out if he is on board with them. He has a passion for fishing and his track record speaks for itself.

First Mate Johnny

First Mate Johnny (Johnny B Good) has proven himself to be an invaluable part of the team. Jonny is always able to have guests smiling on a tour, either with his witty, informative speeches or by producing some of the finest foods out of the galley, especially if lunch is the fresh catch of the day! He is also a very talented person, able to do carpentry and electrical work, and is always ensuring our boats are up to standard!Johnny is a very good DJ and will make sure he keeps you dancing!

First Mate Ova

First Mate Ova (Over) is a jack of all trades! Firstly he is one of our best staff members, and takes his job extremely seriously and does everything possible to ensure trips are done right and enjoyed by all. He is usually the cameraman/ bartender/ cook/ deckhand on board but is also a muscician/welder/ electrician/ painter/ carpenter and all-round handyman who puts all his skills to use and loves to make sure everything on board is working perfectly. He always has a smile and loves putting smiles on guests!

Jade 3
First Mate Jade

First Mate Jade is a lively entertainer who really enjoys what he does. Jade has become a very important team member and one that is known for giving all on board a great time! He is very well informed about our St. Lucian history and culture as well as all aspects of our tours, so guests leave us with a tremendous amount of knowledge, delivered in a fun way. He is always eager to help, and a day out with him will result in an unforgettable experience!

Engineer Bobby
Engineer Bobby (Bobby Brown) is one of the most experienced mechanics on Island. Bobby started off on merchant ships over 40 years ago and gained tremendous respect from all he worked with. He has been with our family for many many years on both land and sea, and always has our boats performing at their peak. When Bobby steps on board, all will be taken care of!
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