Hackshaw's Private Tours

About our Private Tours

Visit and enjoy all of our regular tours, but with the added luxury of Privacy! You can get a much more personal and intimate view of St. Lucia during your private adventures.

If you should so desire, you may take a guided tour of the exotic Botanical Gardens, The Sulphur Springs, The Diamond Water Falls, and the therapeutic Sulphur Baths. There are many excellent restaurants available, guaranteed to suit even the most discerning taste buds. Alternatively, we can organize a picnic lunch for you on board.

Welcome to the real St. Lucia.


St Lucia on a Bandit Boat tour
Private Custom Coastal Cruise

Come relax and have some real fun on one of our private charters along St. Lucia’s beautiful coast line! Bring friends, family or whoever, the choice is yours

Private Bandit Speed Boat Tour

Looking for a bit of excitement and exhilaration, or just a relaxing cruise along our beautiful western coast on your own time? Well the ‘Bandit’ is the ideal boat!