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About Us

Our Company

Welcome to Hackshaw’s Boat Charters in St. Lucia. We as a family, are proud of the fact that we introduced charter boating to our island of St. Lucia, some 68 years ago!

At that time, pleasure boats were far and few between and charter boating was non-existent.

At the end of the Second World War, the local port authority was donated by the US government a Landing Craft built by the Higgins Boat Company (, powered by a Hall-Scot Defender Marine Engine. The port was unable to get this engine to run so our Grandfather, ” Big Bill Hackshaw” bought her from the port. He then removed the Hall-Scott and installed a Chrysler Marine Engine. He kept the navy markings on the side of the hull and this became the name of our first boat, the R-215! She served as a transport vessel along our coast as well as conducting many rescue missions prior to the official set up of our local coast guard. To this day, we still provide support to our local and regional forces!

Over the years we saw the need for a quality boat tour company in St. Lucia and thus decided to offer the R-215 for charter and quickly started growing the business to include additional boats and improved services.

Throughout the years we have continuously updated our fleet, making sure we have the very best in equipment, boats, and tours and presently have a modern fleet of boats, ranging from fun speed boats, tournament rigged sports fishermen, to luxurious power catamarans.

Having the best equipment is but only one part of our company, the backbone is our tremendous staff. All our crew members have been with us for many years and we truly appreciate their dedication and professionalism, which translates into total customer satisfaction. They are out in the field day in and day out, so along with our own expertise, we listen to their suggestions and are always finding ways to improve our company and tours, making sure that a day out with us is one that you will cherish forever.

We offer a variety of tours such as fishing excursions, sightseeing tours, snorkel trips, sunset cruises, inter-island trips, and premium whale watching safaris.

In addition to our 16 staff members, we also support our local economy to the fullest, from the purchase of fresh bait off the local fishermen as they pull their nets in at the crack of dawn, to taxi drivers who do an amazing job of transporting our guests to and from the various locations, to local restaurants which work with us to prepare delicious meals for our guests with their catches of the day, to our hardware stores and marine chandleries who assist us in having what we need to ensure our boats are up and running smoothly, to food and drink suppliers who ensure our boats are stocked with fresh local fruit and snacks and the coldest Piton Beer!

We also make sure we play our part in the communities, by offering complimentary tours to schools so that the youth are able to experience first hand the wonders that are offered just a short distance off our coastline. We also take part in campaigns to clean our coastal land and water areas, we are extremely aware of our beautiful yet fragile environment.

So whether you are interested in coastal cruising, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, sunset cruise, or an inter-island trip,  there’s only one place to visit – Hackshaw’s Boat Charters in St. Lucia!

a small boat in a large body of water with Pitons in the background
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